Sexting Made Easy

Sexting Made Easy

You’ve got that new, fancy smartphone with the awesome keyboard that makes you feel like a professional superstar. But after you check your email and play with the photos and maybe wander around a few games and apps, you might start thinking about texting. 

Or if you have a bit of a dirty mind: Sexting! 

Sexting is the fine art of sending naughty, dirty, filthy, and even downright nasty text messages to your lover in order to turn them on. Those of you who were around before the texting revolution (like me!) might remember something called phone sex. That is now old school, my friend. Phone sex was something you had to have privacy in order to do, but sexting can be done anytime, anywhere – within reason, of course. 

And that’s part of the thrill, isn’t it? It’s fun to do things that get your partner horny and longing for more when he’s right in the middle of a meeting or she’s trying to clean the house before her mom shows up. Sexting should be considered the highest form of the new-age tease! 

So how do you do it? It might seem easy enough to send a naughty text to someone, simply saying “I want to fuck you” or “come over tonight” or “I can’t wait until you get home!” But sexting is much more than that. It can be a dirty dance of emotion and teasing that culminates in getting off for both of you – whether you are together or apart, in the same bed or on other sides of the world. 

But before you leap into sexting, you should understand the etiquette involved in such naughtiness, so that you don’t wind up doing things that you might regret later. It’s just like “real” sex – there are caveats to consider before you leap into the virtual sack with someone. So without further ado, let’s talk about the sexting etiquette…then we’ll get to the sexting itself!

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